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The Value of Choosing Australian Steel Fabrication

The Value of Choosing Australian Steel Fabrication

Choosing the right steel fabricator for your next project will save you headaches, time and money. We recognise that there are 5 key things to consider when making this choice, and understand that trust is the foundation of any partnership.

Hard Bakka will save you money without compromising the quality or integrity of the project. Our smart design process and strategic planning is set up from the beginning and leads to immediate competitive pricing for your steel scope. At Hard Bakka, we finish our projects on time and we prioritise planning your project, as incorrect or rushed plans can lead to missed costs and variations. Additionally, we use value engineering to propose more efficient and effective methods, with zero compromise to the integrity or appearance of the structure – saving you time and money.

The best way to ensure an excellent steel fabrication job is to commit to a quality-focused steel fabrication company like Hard Bakka. We value technique, mastery and efficiency. The Operations Manager at Hard Bakka, Aladdin Bakka says:

“As much as humanly possible, we avoid charging variations on the job-we know that clients don’t like it and it messes with their budget. So, to ensure best practice and client satisfaction we employ latest technologies and implement compliant procedures. This ensures that the customised requirements of our clients are met with accuracy and precision.”

The Hard Bakka steel fabrication process includes offering a calculated, informed free quote, detailed shop drawings and consistent communication with the client throughout the life of the project – to put uncertainty to rest.

The most significant reason to choose Hard Bakka for your steel scope is that we produce  quality outcomes. With internationally recognised certifications, Hard Bakka steel fabrication is qualified to produce all the required traceability documents you require to keep track of compliance and quality.

Examples of our work include major mining infrastructure (QLD) projects such as sorting machine structures complete with stairs, gratings, rails, conveyors, rock boxes and skid frames. We recently outfitted 65 industrial warehouses with steel mezzanine levels, as well as completed various large-scale awning projects. To see job photos, visit our social media (links at end of blog).


Structural Steel Trusses


Pre-planning and Fabricating

Standard construction requires the materials to be measured, cut and fit on-site. This adds a substantial amount of time to the project deadline in the event that errors occur. If the steel doesn’t fit onsite, many installation companies will walk away. However, the benefit of choosing Hard Bakka steel fabrication means the materials can be prefabricated in our warehouse, assembled and installed at the jobsite seamlessly. We provide boiler-making services to ensure that regardless, your steel is installed and your project can move ahead.


The Project Timeline and Materials

When you choose Hard Bakka, the project will be completed effectively and efficiently, within budget and on time. We will save you money on unnecessary maintenance repair and replacements and there are many benefits to using steel.

Hard Bakka steel fabrication has the highest quality materials to start a successful project. Send us your engineer and architectural drawings and let our projects team surprise you with a service that will keep you coming back.



At Hard Bakka Pty Ltd, we work across all industries and markets to supply exceptional steel fabrication solutions from beginning to end. We have been commended for our craftsmanship, high standards and commitment to reliability and quality.

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Hard Bakka Steel Fabrication is a company with a 30-year tradition. We pride ourselves on reliable, world-class service. We appreciate the fact that serious projects require serious efforts, and always achieve stellar results, thanks to our experience.

We have done metalwork in Condel Park, profile cutting in Greenacre, shop fit-outs in Revesby, steel bending in Bankstown, steel fabrication in Liverpool, Preston and Sydney, steel welding in Moorebank, structural steel in Bankstown, and structural steel fabrication in Sydney. We will do anything, anywhere in NSW to cater to your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!