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Steel in Homes - A TERMITE FREE Home

Steel in Homes - A TERMITE FREE Home

There are countless benefits to be had by choosing to build with steel. Steel homes are durable and long-lasting. Steel offers flexibility and freedom of design. It offers a modern and sophisticated look. Plus, given that fewer materials are often needed in steel construction (compared with a material like timber), with the right modifications, steel can be a far more cost-effective option.

The consensus shows: steel is great. But here in Australia, it offers one more advantage that just might be the clincher. Using steel in your home construction can help you avoid the ravages of termites. Steel in homes = a termite-free home.

The Real Threat of Termites in Australia

Termites are nearly everywhere in Australia. With 350 species in existence, only Tasmania is free of at least a moderate risk of termite infestation. The rest of us? We can expect a collective $780 million in damages to our homes every single year. These timber-eating pests live and thrive in huge colonies and can inflict enormous destruction on residences and commercial buildings alike. While most Australians will look into termite treatment when it’s needed, the real problem may be the materials with which we build our homes. Timber is the termites’ favourite treat, and they won’t hesitate to destroy your home in their frenzy to consume it.

Termites Wreak Havoc on Timber Homes

Termites have a special enzyme in their bodies which allows them to digest cellulose, a compound found in wood. If your home has significant timber framing or other elements, termite damage is a very real threat. Though a single termite is not going to cause significant trouble, these pests aren’t solitary; they live in massive colonies working and consuming together. Some subterranean termite colonies have been known to ingest as much of 16 grams of timber per day. Clearly, it’s vital to protect your home—and fast.

If left unchecked, termites can severely compromise the structural integrity of a home. Foundations, wall timbers, ceiling beams, framing pieces, and other parts of the home’s internal framework are often the first to go, with termites finding ways in through cracks in outer walls or gaps along the concrete slab. They are also drawn by excessive moisture, so it’s important to check for leaky pipes or instances of standing water. Signs of termite damage around your home include spongy, weakened areas along walls or floors, sagging ceilings, and windows and doors that fail to shut. This is only the interior, invisible damage. If left unchecked, the effects are much worse.

Stay Termite Free with Steel

Could you avoid termite problems with steel in your new home? Steel is a material which is completely impervious to termites. This makes it an ideal choice in an at-risk country like Australia. But, simply incorporating steel may not be enough—a comprehensive approach will go farther. You’ll want to build primarily with steel, minimising and eliminating any organic materials (termites will eat more than just wood). You’ll also want to select a building site that is not termite-friendly. Choose an area of low moisture with slight elevation, if possible, and build away from standing water.

Finally, ensure your steel construction is undertaken by a professional contractor who will take great care to make your home well-built and fully secure. With this approach, steel might just be your best defence against the hungry termite.

Currently in a timber framed home? We highly recommend regular termite inspections to prevent future damage. In the meantime, it’s a great opportunity to start planning for your next home: constructed with steel. HARD BAKKA would love to chat with you about your options. Get in touch with us today.

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