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Hard Bakka Pty Ltd Celebrates Latest Projects

Hard Bakka Pty Ltd Celebrates Latest Projects


There is no doubt that Coronavirus and its disruption to industrial production have impacted structural steel fabrication services. Hard Bakka Pty Ltd Steel Fabrication Covid-19 policy, has enabled the company to navigate through these turbulent times. Hard Bakka has been able to continue to support staff and valued customers through the implementation of comprehensive Covid-19 safety measures and procedures, equipment, and technology to better respond to the spread of the Coronavirus.

Additionally, our strong focus on the ‘model Work Health and Safety, (WHS) laws’ has made it possible to complete several large fabrication projects and to help support other businesses’ fabrication needs, while continuing to support the Australian metal manufacturing industry. Click to watch our latest project video HERE.

At Hard Bakka Pty Ltd we work across all industries to deliver complete, end-to-end steel fabrication solutions and are recognised both for our Covid-19 safety policy and our consistent, reliable quality.
“Our commitment to respond to Covid-19 ensures that when Hard Bakka Steel Fabrication is fabricating your steel works in the workshop and when Hard Bakka is erecting your steel on site, there is close to no risk of shutdown or delays caused by unsafe measures. The Covid-19 policy as well as our supply and fabrication processes enable Hard Bakka to provide our customers with safe, consistent, reliable, on-time delivery of projects every time,” said Mona Hwalla, Director Hard Bakka Pty Ltd.

“We’re investing in policies, processes, equipment and technologies and we are making these decisions at a time when most are holding back. We’re growing and looking at investing more, to help meet future demands,” says Aladdin Bakka, Operations Manager.  “Hard Bakka Pty Ltd policy has enabled the business to remain resilient in the face of the pandemic and remain at the forefront of the structural steel fabrication industry. We continue to implement our Covid-19 Policy in every area of our business to better support supply chains and meet the needs of our staff, customers, and prospects,” said Mona.

Our strong commitment and compliance with government health and safety guidelines has meant during Covid-19 we were able to continue to fabricate, erect and install a range of complex projects including, a large warehouse at Cromer an Awning at Carramar and a residential property in Sydney. Click to watch our latest project video HERE.

Hard Bakka Pty Ltd Steel Fabrication’s Covid-19 policy means the business can continue to deliver to clients the ‘peace of mind’ quality, accuracy and speed they are accustomed to, and help complete projects safely while reducing any risk to shut-down.

At Hard Bakka Pty Ltd, we work across all industries and markets to supply exceptional steel fabrication solutions from beginning to end. We have been commended for our craftsmanship, high standards and commitment to reliability and quality.

Watch a video of a few of our latest projects HERE.

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Hard Bakka Steel Fabrication is a company with a 30-year tradition. We pride ourselves on reliable, world-class service. We appreciate the fact that serious projects require serious efforts, and always achieve stellar results, thanks to our experience.

We have done metalwork in Condel Park, profile cutting in Greenacre, shop fit-outs in Revesby, steel bending in Bankstown, steel fabrication in Liverpool, Preston and Sydney, steel welding in Moorebank, structural steel in Bankstown, and structural steel fabrication in Sydney. We will do anything, anywhere in NSW to cater to your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!