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9 Interesting Facts About Steel

9 Interesting Facts About Steel

One could only imagine what the world would look like today if man hadn’t discovered steel and invented the steel fabrication process. Steel is one of the most widely used metals in the world. From the construction and automotive industries to the health sector, steel is used in a multitude of structures as well as a wide range of tools and equipment that make our lives much easier. Here are nine interesting facts about steel that are sure to fascinate you.

1-5: Steel Is An Excellent Construction Material

1. Steel was first used in the construction of skyscrapers in 1884 when they built the Home Insurance Building in Chicago, USA.

2. One of the things that makes steel an excellent construction material is that it weighs less than concrete. Steel bridges are four to eight times lighter than concrete bridges. For example, the Golden Gate Bridge was made using 83,000 tonnes of steel, which could be further halved if it was built today! Case in point: the Burj Khalifa. Currently the tallest building in the world, it was made using only half the amount of steel used in constructing the Empire State Building.

3. Despite being an older material, more than 75% of modern steel, structural steel included, has been developed only in the last three decades.

4. Speaking of modern steel, there are currently more than 3,500 different grades of steel, according to the World Steel Association. As materials evolve and as engineers continue to develop new ways to make the process of producing steel more efficient and resource-friendly, it is very likely that we’ll see more steel alloys in the future.

5. As the name suggests, steel fabrication is the process of cutting, shaping, welding, and assembling steel parts to produce a different structure. Over 50% of products available in the world today are made using steel fabrication. These products range from small everyday objects to cars, boats, and aircrafts.

6-9: Steel Fabrication In Space

6. In 1969, Russian cosmonauts attempted steel fabrication in space. These early experiments helped usher in the development of more advanced technologies, including those used in the construction of space stations.

7. The most recently developed process for making steel is called the continuous process. In this process, energy requirements of the blast furnace are bypassed, and instead of coke, hydrogen and carbon monoxide derived from natural gas are used to reduce iron ore.

8. Ever wonder why Popeye eats spinach to get strong? Apparently, it is because spinach has high iron content. If you want to be strong like Popeye, but you hate spinach, try cooking your meals in a cast iron pot or pan. They say that using cast iron cookware can increase the iron content of your food by more than 800%!

9. In Canada, most engineers wear a steel ring on their pinky finger as a reminder of their duties and responsibilities. Wow, talk about being committed to providing steel services!

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