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Benefits of Using Steel in Residential Structures

Benefits of Using Steel in Residential Structures

In construction, steel is a widely used component in buildings commercial, industrial, and residential. Using steel in commercial projects is usually more readily apparent, as these structures showcase a different aesthetic and serve specific purposes. The steel is often more visibly prevalent. It’s not as obvious to spot a home constructed with residential steel, however, as the range of options and the inclusion of other building materials can transform the exterior, giving a property that “homey” look.

Should you build with steel?

Several different options exist for building with steel, as it can be incorporated into construction in elements including beams, studs, or joints. While the possibilities are varied, all options present most of the same basic advantages that structural steel offers. Here are a few of the benefits of using residential steel in building your home.

Engineered Design

Unlike timber-framed homes, residential structures built with steel are professionally engineered. The precision and accuracy of such designs can’t be overstated. The construction techniques and processes involved in this type of building are also more extensive, allowing for more overall durability and resulting structural integrity. Residential steel construction generally allows for a faster building process as well, so you can get into your new home sooner.


Steel is well-known to be a cost-effective option for construction. Steel tends to be more affordable and has maintained a steady price in recent years. Timber and other materials on the other hand are subject to sudden price increases and on the whole are often more expensive. Your upfront cost of using residential steel is likely to be less, and you may also save money in another area. Australian homes are known to be at risk for termite infestation. With structural steel replacing the termites’ beloved timber, your residence has an incredible defence against termite damage and you could potentially save thousands of dollars by avoiding these pests.

Eco Friendly Benefits of Steel Fabrication

Concerned about our planet’s diminishing resources? Steel is an outstanding green option for your residential construction. Steel is one of the most highly-recyclable materials in the world, and choosing it for your building needs presents a much diminished environmental cost. In fact, it is highly likely that the structural steel used in your home will be a product of high quality recycled materials. This speaks to the long-lasting nature of steel and its use as a seemingly endless renewable resource.

Strong, Long-Lasting Construction

Homes containing structural steel have been shown to better withstand storm damage and are more highly-fortified against high winds. In Sydney and beyond, residential steel can strengthen your home against damage or coastal salt corrosion. The engineering abilities of steel fabrication and home building also ensure your home is built to the highest specifications.

As a leading Sydney steel fabrication company, Hard Bakka sees firsthand the tremendous benefits of using structural steel both in commercial construction and in residential building. If you’re looking for an option that’s cost-effective, eco-friendly, and stands the test of time, we’d love to speak with you about building with steel. Throughout the process, we’ll confer closely with your engineers and design team to fabricate and install structural steel to the most accurate specifications. Give us a call today.

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