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Steel Work for High Rise Builders Sydney

Steel Work for High Rise Builders Sydney

It was steel which truly made the construction of high rise buildings possible. No material but steel can be both so light and so strong. This combination allowed for buildings to grow taller than ever before, taking up less land area and allowing for a fresh approach to urban planning. Around the turn of the century, these advances effectively sent the steel manufacturing in a whole new direction.
At Hard Bakka, we fabricate and supply steel for all types of contractors and developers. Also, the amazing capabilities of steel, allows us to do plenty of steel work for high rise builders in Sydney and surrounds.

Steel for High Rise Buildings

There are different approaches to constructing high rise buildings, but a great majority utilise steel framing or steel-framed reinforced concrete construction. Buildings may incorporate a variety of these approaches. Whatever their style, high rise buildings share the vital task of appropriate load balancing. These structures must take into account not only vertical gravity loads but lateral wind loads. In simple terms, high rise buildings must be strong, stable, and flexible. They must carry their weight but be resistant against strong winds, earthquakes, and other natural threats.

Constructing a high rise building is a delicate process that requires not only an impeccable approach to design but must also incorporate the best quality and type of steel. At Hard Bakka we source our raw steel from local suppliers who we trust for their commitment to top grade steel products. For beams, tubes, trusses, sheets, lintels, purlins, and every other steel product, we’re able to fabricate to your exacting specifications. We manufacture and finish structural steel that is rated to meet even the toughest of industry tests and requirements. We also work closely with you from engineering and design through project completion, ensuring every piece of steel installed is up to exacting standards.

Hard Bakka for Your Steel Work

Why should you choose Hard Bakka for your Sydney steel work? We specialise in industrial-grade structural steel and generate 500 tonnes of steel every year. We’re a constantly growing company that is known for our unwavering dedication to high quality. Our expert team of welders, fabricators, surveyors, riggers, estimators, and draftsmen bring over 3 decades of experience to the table. Let us provide you with a comprehensive structural steel service, including site inspections and more.

How We Work

For high rise steel fabrication, we start in the primary stages. We’re able to understand the drawings issued from your engineers and design team to produce the initial shop drawing drafts and construction drawings as per your vision. Hard Bakka can ensure accuracy and workability of prospective steel work.
Next, we fabricate and finish. Our steel products are crafted with extreme precision and meet the highest standards in the steel industry. We can process a variety of finishes including hot dip galvanization.
Delivery and installation are the penultimate step, with inspection and final assessments following. Your steel products and fit outs will be installed with efficiency and care.
If you’re looking for a cost-effective, client focused steel fabricator in Sydney, look no further than Hard Bakka. We’re ready to surpass your expectations at every level.

Get in Touch and Let Us Handle the Toughest Metalwork for You

Hard Bakka Steel Fabrication is a company with a 30-year tradition. We pride ourselves on reliable, world-class service. We appreciate the fact that serious projects require serious efforts, and always achieve stellar results, thanks to our experience.

We have done metalwork in Condel Park, profile cutting in Greenacre, shop fit-outs in Revesby, steel bending in Bankstown, steel fabrication in Liverpool, Preston and Sydney, steel welding in Moorebank, structural steel in Bankstown, and structural steel fabrication in Sydney. We will do anything, anywhere in NSW to cater to your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!