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HARD BAKKA Earns Award for Being Eco-Friendly

HARD BAKKA Earns Award for Being Eco-Friendly

Hard Bakka being part of an energy and carbon intensive industry aim to do our best for the environment and to be safe whilst doing so. Hard Bakka takes responsibility to address our environmental impact and understand we are part of the solution. Steel in itself is one of the most eco-friendly materials one can use for design, exterior and interior. Just some of the benefits of choosing Hard Bakka steel entails its strength and how durable it is in any form whether that’d be stainless, carbon, galvanized or mild. Steel is also very versatile as it can also be made to create an entire building if one desires. This means the structure itself, doors, windows, stairs, mezzanine and more. Steel also entails endless recyclability, little energy for it to be produced, waste is reusable and steel is not toxic to humans or the environment.

Steel and it’s Sustainability

Hard Bakka steel is very sustainable because once steel is made, it can then be recycled at any point, even after fabrication and used continuously. When steel gets recycled it can be used an infinite amount of times without downgrading in the quality of the material. The non-renewable resources used to make steel, like minerals and fossil fuels, are not wasted because the steel will be used incessantly. Steel releases no harsh chemicals or toxins, and can easily be retrieved from the environment with magnets. This makes its impact on the environment minimal compared with many other materials.

ISO Award

In saying all of this, yes steel is sustainable and yes, it is good for the environment to use environmentally friendly materials such as steel, however some manufacturers don’t go the extra mile like Hard Bakka to utilise clean processes and properly dispose of waste. If the producer and the fabricator don’t work together to follow strict procedures regarding reuse, waste disposal, and other key operations it is no longer as sustainable as you may think. Steel is only as sustainable as we make it. Hard Bakka has been awarded the ISO 14001 accreditation for their quality of work and incorporating environmentally responsible and sustainable processes into their organisation. ISO 14001 assures that us at Hard Bakka are aware about the environmental impact we have as a company and are often measuring our impact as well as looking for ways to improve.

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