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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Steel Fabricator for Your Project

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Steel Fabricator for Your Project

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Steel Fabricator for Your Project

Whether you’re seeking an exceptional NSW steel fabricator or looking for your steel professional in other parts of Australia or across the world, the same factors apply. It isn’t always easy to choose the right provider or contractor for your project needs, and steel work is no exception, with its own additional considerations to be managed. Fortunately, we’re here to help. As you move forward in your decision-making process, these 5 elements will assist you in determining which steel fabrication and installation business is right for you.


Experience & Reputation

When choosing a contractor or supplier in any field, their skill level and reputation for excellence are undeniably important. In seeking a professional steel fabricator and installer, these requirements might be even more stringent. Steel, with its strength and durability, is used in a variety of projects, often in which steel work is part of the foundation and overall structure of a building. This can range from complex work such as new home builds and mezzanine level construction, to “simpler” tasks including handrails or exterior steel finishing. In nearly every case, the steel work completed must be fully safe and legally compliant. Because of the way steel is used in your project, the experience and reputation of your chosen steel fabricator must be without question.


Consider the Source

Another factor to consider when choosing a steel fabrication company is how they source their metals, and from where. Here at HARD BAKKA, we can proudly say that nearly all of our steel is Australian-made. We believe in the high standards of Australian steel, and feel drawn to support local businesses as well. We’re members of the Australian Steel Institute, which works to ensure consistency in the outstanding quality of steel sourced here in Australia.


When choosing your steel fabricator, it’s important to have a sense of their supply chain. Sourcing from local manufacturers is not only a sustainable business practice, it also helps gives the fabricator much more efficient, abundant access to their needed metals. This equates to faster work and better customer service, and points to a solid relationship with the local and national steel industry. These are the things you want to see when choosing a steel fabricator.


Your Project Specifications

The unique details of your project are also of utmost importance in this decision. While some of our clients simply need steel supplied, the vast majority are after far more involved services. Chances are, you are too. Look for a steel company that can personalise your experience and provide close customer service and specialisation. The very best in steel fabricators offer all facets of labour including supply, design, surface/finish, delivery, installation, and more, and have experience serving residential, commercial, and industrial projects alike.


The Right Expertise

Depending on what you’re seeking from a steel fabricator, you may also want to search for a company with a specific type of expertise. At HARD BAKKA, for instance, we serve a range of customers, but have a special interest in building homes with steel. If you’re looking into constructing a steel home from the ground up, we are an ideal partner for your needs.


Selecting a steel company with the right expertise can help you to avoid delays and issues. The contractor can more easily identify and minimise potential problems, having worked on similar tasks in the past. Using a specialty metal fabricator could also help you to save money, as the provider knows the best methods for ensuring a cost-effective build. Of course, specialty work could also be more expensive at first glance, but remember, you’re always paying for the level of quality you receive. The best providers offer competitive pricing on par with other local steel fabrication companies.


An Emphasis on Quality and Capability

You deserve the best work you can get. Don’t settle for substandard steel products or shoddy installation. Always seek quality and capability in everything. Ask your potential contractor about their equipment, facilities, and resources. Do they have the capability to handle a fair number of large-scale projects at once? This is a positive indicator that this company knows just what they are doing and will deliver you the results you seek. As for HARD BAKKA, our decades of great work speak for themselves.


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