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Hard Bakka Certified for Its Safety Management Systems

Hard Bakka Certified for Its Safety Management Systems

At Hard Bakka we have Safety Management Systems in place to ensure we are meeting the regulations for Workplace Health and Safety and Occupational Health and Safety laws relevant to our steel fabrication and steel installation services and expertise. (WHS/OH&S)

Hard Bakka believes in quality assurance and have been certified by ISO to provide structural steel fabrication services pursuant to Australian recognised international standards. This certification gives clients the assurance that all Hard Bakka’s jobs are being completed with safety as our priority, whether they are national, state or local level.

Hard Bakka also provides internal policies and procedures that include all aspects of a high-class health and safety systems. These include management planning and leadership, document control, OH&S planning, operational control, safety procedures in the factory and onsite, and emergency management.



We care about our employees


Hard Bakka has a comprehensive Safety Management System in place to manage health and safety risk within the workplace. As a hands-on Operations Manager who oversees the smooth running of all policies and procedures at the company, Aladdin Bakka said,

“We devote time to assess and re-assess our safety procedures and take all precautions to keep our workers safe. This is not only good for our people, but it enables us to proudly promote  our incident-free work environment”.

At Hard Bakka, our teams, both the steel erectors and the steel fabricators and welders, all have a say in the precautionary procedures that are put in place, to ensure they are do-able and practicable for the companies most valued assets: their employees.

This is crucial to achieving Hard Bakka’s aim to protect employees from injury and illness. Hard Bakka encourages their employees to succeed at their own pace and ability, to increase employee morale, reduce employee turnover and absenteeism.

The General Manager, Ms Hwalla said, “We care about our employees, which is why we believe that their well-being on all levels, psychological, physical, emotional and financial are important”.

To increase motivation and employee health, Hard Bakka rewards  their employees in a variety of ways, as a show of appreciation for their work and efforts.

Hard Bakka will remain consistent and uphold work health and safety performance to safety legislation standards.

Mr. Bakka said, “we guarantee that we will continually provide a safe and healthy workplace and will continually improve our safety management structures”.



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