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How Structural Steel Can Enhance Your Commercial Aesthetics

How Structural Steel Can Enhance Your Commercial Aesthetics

Aesthetic Appeals and Flexibility of Design

Steel has a natural beauty that is often applauded by architects as it can quite often be exposed in the design of structures and show off its natural strength, slenderness and transparency. Structural Steel can also be manipulated to create non-linear characters that can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structure.
Steel is universal and can be used from the most basic of designs, to the most complex skyscrapers. Steel can be readily used to achieve the design intent of both the engineers and the architects. Steel also encourages freedom of creative design and expression.

Design and Sustainability

Structural Steel is the most desirable material for engineers to design with. Not only is it great to use for design purposes, but it is also highly sustainable and is said to be the most recycled material on Earth. Since the 1990’s, the carbon footprint of Structural Steel has reduced by a massive 47%. The energy required in making Structural Steel has also dropped by at least 10% in the past decade.

Efficiency and Reliability

The average steel column occupies around 75% less floor space than the average concrete column. Structural steel also allows for longer spans that eliminate the need for intermediate columns, therefore, creating more open floor areas that are ideal for the office layouts of today.
Structural Steel is manufactured using modern quality and assurance processes under controlled conditions. The strength of the newly created steel is tested and verified at the point of production, not after it has already been placed in the frame of the building.


Steel can withstand extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes, extreme winds and even cyclones. Unlike timber and other wood frames, steel remains unaffected by bugs, termites, mould and mildew. They are also more fire-resistant compared to wooden frames.

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