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Is it Eco-Friendly to Build with Steel?

Is it Eco-Friendly to Build with Steel?

Is it Eco-Friendly to Build with Steel?

40% – the amount you could save on your energy bill with a steel-framed home

98% – the overall recycle rate of structural steel

100% – the percentage of a steel roof which can be fully recycled

As a Sydney steel fabricator, Hard Bakka knows firsthand how versatile steel can be. Our team supplies, creates, and installs steel components for staircases, roof trusses, structural shelters, beam supports, posts, awnings, and so much more, creating finished products that look great and last for years.

Amongst the many advantages of building with steel, its positive environmental impact cannot be denied. Steel is a durable, permanent material – this means it has an endless potential to be used and reused for decades. This is great news for a world seeking to become more sustainable. Building with steel is an integral component in a circular economy: a system of using resources cyclically to reduce the energy and resources used, ideally utilising materials in a complete circle that eliminates waste.

Though there is still room for improvement in the industry, manufacturing with steel proves to be a far more eco-friendly choice than building with other materials. Let’s take a closer look and provide answers to the pressing question: is steel eco-friendly?

Less Waste

Unlike timber, steel is custom-fabricated and made-to-order for each project, resulting in a lack of excess material. Along with a straightforward installation, steel construction produces virtually no waste. On the other hand, conventional construction options such timber generate plenty of debris and unused material, requiring cleanup and removal with water or other mechanised means—a further expense of resources and energy.

In fact, building with steel leads to lower resource usage on the whole. The construction process is simplified, which means a more efficient project demanding less man power. This faster project completion creates a ripple effect: less fuel consumption by contractors arriving at the work site, the conservation of trees not used in construction, and more.

Lower Costs

Steel is exceptional for both homes or commercial buildings, and one of the eco-friendly benefits of this material is its potential for reducing your energy costs. Steel possesses great strength, allowing steel-framed buildings to support thicker insulation. This helps a home or business retain its internal temperature more easily so you won’t have to crank up your air conditioning units. This results in tremendous financial savings. Some statistics suggest that steel insulation can save you as much as 30-40% off your energy bill. Steel framed buildings also have a better quality of indoor air and reduced humidity. Without a need to run air purifiers or dehumidifiers, you’ll find steel construction saves you even more on energy costs.

Steel is Strong and Mighty

You can feel safe in a steel home. In addition to being an impermeable material that prevents the growth of harmful mold, steel is extremely strong. It has been shown to withstand the forces of strong hurricanes and earthquakes. Steel does not absorb moisture (why it is able to avoid the ravages of mold) which makes it a smart choice in the event of flooding. A steel home or commercial building is a wise investment, particularly when recognising its defences against damage.

One of steel’s most incredible characteristics is its longevity. As a 98% recyclable material, steel virtually lasts forever. Though its durability means it can support a home or other structure for many years, once its purpose has been served, it can be recycled and renewed, used again for a new project. Through it all, steel retains its structural integrity and strength.

Considering steel for your NSW building project? As a leading Sydney steel fabrication provider, Hard Bakka is an ideal choice to assist you. Partnering with your design team, we can generate high-quality steel that meets your precise project specifications. Get in touch today for further details.


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