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Australian Standards In Steel- The Worlds Best

Australian Standards In Steel- The Worlds Best

At HARD BAKKA, we’ve been working in the steel industry for more than 30 years. Our team has the knowledge needed to fabricate, bend, weld, and more, transforming your vision of steel construction into a reality. We’re committed to presenting work of the highest quality, and our excellence is influenced heavily by Australia’s standards in steel. We believe Australian steel standards are the world’s best, allowing us to provide outstanding steel for your residential, commercial, or industrial project. Just what makes Australia’s steel standards so good?

Compliance with Australian Standards

HARD BAKKA is a member of the Australian Steel Institute, an organisation that promotes the use of Australian-made steel and helps to ensure best practices across the industry. As a highly sought-after building material, steel is a significant part of the country’s construction processes. The steel industry itself employs around 90,000 individuals and some two million tonnes of steel are said to be in inventory around Australia.

ASI has put forth a major initiative known as the National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme. This scheme helps to ensure the safe and high quality supply, fabrication, and erection of steelworks in Australia. It encompasses Standards AS/NZS 4100 (structural steelwork ), AS/NZS 5100 (bridges). Compliance with these standards assures excellence throughout the supply chain all the way to a finished product. It’s vital for all participants in the steel industry to maintain these standards and comply fully to keep producing outstanding steelworks.

Sourcing Steel from the Best Local Suppliers

Supporting the Australian economy by keeping things local is a smart move for all of us. But there are additional factors to be taken into consideration. How can we ensure the highest quality of steel is being manufactured? Australian Standards for structural steel does this. For steel products, a minimum of information must be included on test certificates. Testing must be performed by labs accredited by NATA or similar. Depending on the bar or tube, specific information must be annotated on the steel, such as manufacturer, date, and time.

The Importance of Australian Standards

Australian Standards are a combination of regulatory government standards and voluntary standards, such as those promoted by Standards Australia and its associated groups. Standards in any industry assure safe and durable products for consumers, creating confidence in the marketplace and helping with economic growth. These standards also ensure safe practices for industry workers. In the steel industry, compliance with Australian Standards provides a source of accountability that keeps the industry successful and fair. At HARD BAKKA, our compliance allows us to remain a business of integrity, knowing that we’re giving our very best in every way possible.

When you build with steel, you can feel good about your decision knowing that Australia’s high standards ensure excellence across the board. At HARD BAKKA, we combine these standards with our own experienced craftsmanship. That’s quality that can’t be beat!

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Hard Bakka Steel Fabrication is a company with a 30-year tradition. We pride ourselves on reliable, world-class service. We appreciate the fact that serious projects require serious efforts, and always achieve stellar results, thanks to our experience.

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